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NO CREDIT CARD to order online??

No Problem! Simply cut and paste the order form below onto a piece of paper, and mail in the completed form along with a cashier's check or money order to the address below. Your order will be processed as soon as we receive it. Please don't forget to include the cost of Shipping and Handling: for USA and Canada: $4.95 for Standard, $7.95 for Priority, $17.95 for Express. All other countries please include $16.95.

Mail Your Order Along With Payment To:
Hardbody Bling
P.O. Box 530984
Henderson, NV 89053-0984 USA

(Cut and paste this portion or write your own. Fill out COMPLETELY and send in along with payment. Be sure to write clearly.)

Customer Name: ______________________________
Item # ___________Quantity: ________Price:_______
Item # ___________Quantity: ________Price:_______
Item # ___________Quantity: ________Price:_______
Shipping Address: _____________________________
COUPON CODE (if applicable) _____________________
Subtotal of all items: $_____________
Less Discount:
(Deduct 33% if buying more than 1 item) $_________
Plus 8.25% Sales Tax (NV Residents Only): $_________
Plus S/H: $_____________

TOTAL ENCLOSED: $_____________

Please tell us how you heard about HBB:
Flex ____ Muscle Mag _____ Mus. Development ___
Ironman ____ Google Ad _____ Twitter _____
Flex Australia _____
Other: (please describe) _________________________